The Crary® Bear Cat® CH500H and CH800H skid steer chippers are equipped with universal attachment ends, capable of hooking up to most skid steers. The CH450H is designed to mount to mini skid steers.

The CH450H has a maximum capacity of 4.5″and requires at least 11 to 15 gpm on a mini skid steer. The CH500H has a maximum capacity of 5″and requires at least 15 to 22 gpm on a low-flow skid steer.

The Crary® Bear Cat® Chipper is designed to effectively eliminate wood, brush, and other organic material while using your skid steer as the power unit.

The Crary® Bear Cat® Chippers and Chipper/Shredders are designed to fit all Category 1 three-point hitches. Chipper weight and tractor horsepower needs to be taken into consideration. All Chipper models fit Category 1 Quick Hitch. 

If you own a tractor a PTO chipper is a smart economic choice.

The Crary® Bear Cat® 4.5″ Chipper requires a tractor with PTO horsepower ranging from 20 hp to 35 hp. The Crary Bear Cat 5″ Chippers and Chipper/Shredders require a tractor with PTO hp ranging from 25 hp to 45 hp. The Crary Bear

The Vacuum Shredder is used for commercial or municipal pickup of leaves, grass, or other light debris.

Yes. Commercial landscapers and yard care people will have a seasonal need for this piece of equipment.

There is a 12:1 volume ratio reduction. The Vacuum Shredder is designed to effectively load leaves, grass, or other light debris from the ground to a vehicle collection bin.

If you plan on composting or if the material is smaller than 3/4″, use the shredder. Shredding is also an efficient way to reduce the volume of leaves or prunings.


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