The Wheeled Vacuum is designed to be used for residential, commercial, or municipal pickup of leaves, grass, or other light debris.

This hose kit is designed to allow vacuuming hard to reach places. 

The large wheels have ball bearing hubs that allow easy movement. 

There is not much reduction; however, by passing through a five-bladed fan into the bag some natural breakage occurs allowing the 56-gallon bag to be filled. Reduction through compaction will happen. 

There are three separate gears on the transmission of the Self-Propelled Wheeled Vacuum, and the speed range from 1 to 3 mph. 

The Wheeled Vacuum can be adjusted into four different nozzle settings ranging from 0.25″ – 4.5″ to accommodate all types of terrain.

All three models of stump grinders have staggered teeth and optimized power to the rotor that allow for efficient chip removal. The main difference in the three models is the size of the engine which directly relates

The weights of the stump grinders range from 180 – 250 pounds. With the folding handle bar the stump grinders can fit in an SUV, truck box, or hauled on a trailer.

 All three models of stump grinders are less than 30” wide and will fit through most standard door or gate openings.

Stump grinder teeth have 3 cutting surfaces and can be indexed twice prior to sharpening or replacing. Depending on the type, age, and cleanliness of the area surrounding the stump, Stump Grinder teeth will work well


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