5-inch Chipper/Shredder/Blower


Some brush in wood management jobs require more diversity. The SC5627B offers users the ability to chip larger material, shred smaller material and still have precise control over chip size with its screenless discharge system.

MSRP $10,729.00

Pricing is manufacturer suggested retail price and subject to change without notice. Actual selling prices are set by individual stores and may vary by region. Illustrations may include optional equipment and accessories and may not include all standard equipment.

The SC5627B Chipper/Shredder/Blower is powered by a 627cc Briggs & Stratton Vanguard® engine. The 121 lb. rotor turns 2000 rpm at full throttle. This Chipper/Shredder uses four reversible chipping blades and thirty-six shredding knives to provide the most efficient method of turning branches and leaves into nutrient rich, user ready product.

Crary® Bear Cat® Chipper/Shredders use heat-treated chipping blades and shredding knives. The thirty-six serrated edge shredding knives utilize a staggered pattern on the rotor shafts to maximize processing performance.

The SC5627B discharges processed material through a 360 degree rotational discharge tube. This truckloading feature is accomplished with integrated rotor blower paddles which “blow” the processed material through the discharge tube. Processed material size from the SC5627B is controlled by a unique screenless shredder system. The screenless system controls the amount of air flow to the housing and rotor. Less air = more time material stays in housing and is processed smaller before being discharged; More air = larger processed material and more readily discharged.

Battery sold separately. See Battery Usage Chart for details.


  • Make: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard®
  • Gross HP*: 23
  • Displacement: 627cc
  • Starter Type: Electric

*Horsepower rating based on Engine Manufacturer at time of manufacture


  • Max Chipping Capacity: 5″
  • Max Shredding Capacity: 3/4″
  • Chipper Chute Throat: 7.4″ x 11.3″
  • Shredder Hopper Opening: 9″ x 18″
  • Rotor Size/Weight: 20.6″ x 0.75″/121 lbs.
  • L x W x H: 93″ x 51″ x 89″


  • Chipping Blades: 4 Reversible Heat-treated
  • Shredding Knives: 36
  • Drive Type: Double-Banded Belt
  • Weight: 875 lbs.

    How difficult is it to perform maintenance on the machine?

    Crary® Bear Cat® products are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Proper maintenance is vital and should be performed routinely with blades, belts and bearings being most important. 

    How long will the chipper blades last on my Chipper/Shredder?

    Depending on the type of wood, age and cleanliness, chipper blades will work well for between five and ten hours. Dry, dirty wood will dull the blades faster. 

    What are the Chipper/Shredders designed for?

    The Crary® Bear Cat® Chipper/Shredders are designed to effectively reduce the volume of wood, leaves, and other organic material. 

    What is the maximum size of material will these machines chip or shred?

    The Crary® Bear Cat® 5″ Chipper/Shredder will chip up to 5″ and shred up to 3/4″ diameter material.

    When should I chip?

    If you don’t plan on composting the material, material is green and stringy or larger than 3/4″ in diameter.

    When should I shred?

    If you plan on composting or if the material is smaller than 3/4″, use the shredder. Shredding is also an efficient way to reduce the volume of leaves or prunings.

    California Consumers: What is California Proposition 65?

    California’s Proposition 65 entitles California consumers to be made aware of products containing certain chemicals above designated threshold levels, enabling them to make informed decisions prior to purchase. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For additional information visit


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