Works Effortlessly!

The ECHO Bear Cat SC3265 is forgiving, even when some things are done "wrong" (e.g., stuffing too many dried leaves in to the chute instead of letting them self-feed). It effectively chipped and shredded everything effortlessly - freshly pulled weeds, dry and wet leaves, dry and wet branches of all sizes up to 3" diameter (plus a little), and old lumber (1x1, 2x2). We talked with a local dealer who says she has sold several SC3265 ECHO Bear Cat models, and has had no complaints or returns.

Kathie S.
Glendale, AZ



WV160S Wheeled Vacuum, Self-Propelled

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MSRP $1,549

An ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuum is a great way for homeowners, commercial crews, or municipalities to quickly and efficiently pick up leaves, grass, or other light debris. With a variety of engines available and either push or 3-speed, self-propelled drive options, there's a Wheeled Vacuum that will fit your job.

Standard features for each model include five different height settings for easy pick-up on any type of terrain, a six-bushel capacity quick dump bag, adjustable handle bars with cushion grip, a five-blade radial fan that delivers more CFM than any other competitor vacuum and easy-to-maneuver 12 x 2.5 inch rubber tires with ball bearing hubs.

A variety of options are available for each model including extra bags, a hose kit for hard-to-reach areas, pivoting casters for easy maneuvering on hard surfaces, and a nozzle wear plate.

L x W x H (In.)
61 x 27 x 46
Weight (lbs.)
Start Type
Honda GCV
Fuel Type
Bag Capacity
Intake Width (in.)

How difficult is it to perform maintenance on the machine?
ECHO Bear Cat products are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Proper maintenance is vital and should be performed routinely with blades, belts and bearings being most important.
How many height adjustments does the Wheeled Vacuum have?
The Wheeled Vacuum can be adjusted into four different nozzle settings ranging from .25" - 4.5" to accommodate all types of terrain.
How many speeds do the self-propelled Wheeled Vacuums have and how fast does it go?
There are three separate gears on the transmission of the Self-Propelled Wheeled Vacuum, and the speed range from 1 to 3 mph.
How much reduction of debris will I get with the wheeled vacuum?
There is not much reduction; however, by passing through a six-bladed fan into the bag some natural breakage occurs allowing the five-bushel bag to be filled. Reduction through compaction will happen.
Is it hard to push the Wheeled Vacuum on turf?
The large wheels have ball bearing hubs that allow easy movement.
What do I use the optional 4" Vacuum Hose Kit for?
This hose kit is designed to allow vacuuming hard to reach places.
Where can I use the Wheeled Vacuum?
The Wheeled Vacuum is designed to be used for residential, commercial, or municipal pickup of leaves, grass, or other light debris.