Long Lasting!

Without my old ECHO Bear Cat I wouldn't be anywhere near as far along in our weed-whacking (we live in a high fire danger zone). Both the wheels on my new DR have failed and the mow ball (plastic) didn't last more than 20 hours before being worn out. Your new thick steel mow ball is the only thing that makes sense if you have land with a lot of rocks - it will outlast me probably. The 3-speed trans have never skipped a beat while my DR only has one speed. The ECHO Bear Cat wheels are still working fine. The ECHO Bear Cat wheels  are larger which makes it easier to go over bumps, ect. As of now, it looks like buying the DR was a mistake.

Jim H.
Grass Valley, CA



Our Vision - Where we are going:

  • Have customers that want to do business with us.
  • Be the recognized leader in our chosen product lines.
  • Be a place where employees prefer to work.

Our Mission:

  • Customer Focused - To deliver products and services that delight our customers and are better than our competition.
  • Employee Concerned - To be a company that grows its employees with challenges, continuing education and a personally rewarding place to work.
  • Financial Returns - To generate a profit that allows us to accomplish these goals and provides our stakeholders a fair return on their investment.

Our Values:

  • Integrity & Honesty in all Dealings - Truth is the foundation of all good relationships. Relationships are the foundation of how we will build a great company. Tell the truth with discretion and trust. Never withhold information coworkers need.
  • Respect for all people - All people, inside and outside the company, deserve our respect. Respect means treating others as you would want to be treated.
  • Trust with each other - We need to trust each other when dealing with each other. Only when there is very clear evidence should trust be abandoned.
  • Concern for People - We need to be concerned about helping each other be successful in our jobs, but also to help each other remove obstacles to success in our personal lives when appropriate.
  • Continuous Improvement - Strive for continuous improvement in all activities from all employees.
  • Open communication - Information and knowledge are key to making good decisions. All resistance to information flow should be removed wherever it exists and constraints on confidentiality should err on the side of the free flow of information.
  • High Expectations - We expect each and every employee to provide his/ her best efforts towards the company's success. All employees are to help each other contribute to the maximum of their abilities and skills.