Pressure Washer
    With a Honda GX390 engine at its core, the ECHO Bear Cat PW4200, 4,200 psi washer is built for the challenge of tackling tougher jobs. From property owners to business owners, it conquers difficult chores with ease and comfort. This washer comes with everything you need to start cleaning.


    • •   4,200 PSI Max Pressure
    • •   4 GPM Max Flow
    • •   Honda GX390 Gas Engine
    • •   Triplex AR RSV3G31D Pump


    • •   3/8"x 50ft. High Pressure Hose
    • •   Spray Gun with 36" Lance
    • •   #3 Quick Connect Nozzles: 0°, 15°, 40° and Soaper
    • •   Low Pressure Chemical Injector
    • •   External Thermal Relief Valve
    ECHO Bear Cat pressure washers are not available in all states or countries.

    ​See ECHO Bear Cat Pressure Washer warranty details here.
    L x W x H:
    39'' x 22'' x 28''
    125 lbs.
    Honda GX390
    Starter Type:
    Pressure Washer
    Gallons per minute:
    What are the most common types of pressure washer pumps?

    Wobble, Axial and Triplex. Wobble pumps are used on entry level electric pressure washers. Axial cam pumps are more reliable and used most often on consumer grade pressure washers. Triplex plunger pumps are more heavy-duty, serviceable, and most often used on quality contractor level pressure washers.

    Is it bad to run the pump dry?

    Absolutely. The water pump shaft and impeller are spinning at extremely fast rates. With no water to transfer their rotational energy to, that energy is released as heat instead. If the pump is run dry, its moving parts will become extremely hot, causing severe damage to the pump over time and greatly limiting its service life.

    Can pressure washer pumps be rebuilt?

    The pumps used on gasoline engine powered models can be rebuilt. ECHO Bear Cat has part numbers set up for pump rebuild kits that come complete with the seals, valves, etc. The pump on the PW1813E electric pressure is not rebuildable and will need to be replaced upon failure.

    Can I use any brand of pump parts to rebuild my pressure washer pump?

    No. Only genuine ECHO Bear Cat or Annovi Reverberi parts and kits should be used to service or rebuild the pumps.

    California Consumers: What is California Proposition 65?

    California’s Proposition 65 entitles California consumers to be made aware of products containing certain chemicals above designated threshold levels, enabling them to make informed decisions prior to purchase. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For additional information visit