2000 Watt Inverter

    The new IG2000 inverter generator lets you bring power wherever you go — from tailgating parties to fishing and camping trips and beyond. The ultra-lightweight design is specifically engineered for easy portability.  Plus, parallel capability means you can combine two generators for nearly double the power – without sacrificing portability.

    Inverter generators utilize a different type of alternator than standard generators to generate AC power. The power produced is converted from DC to AC by a computer-controlled inverter module. The engine speed varies depending on the electrical demand, which significantly reduces noise and fuel consumption compared to standard portable generators. The end result is a portable generator with reduced weight, size and power which is ultra-clean and capable of safely charging your sensitive electronics.

    • •   2000 Max AC Output
    • •   1600 Max AC Continuous Output
    • •   79cc, 4 Stroke
    • •   Recoil Start
    • •   Low Oil Shutdown
    • •   Receptacles: 1 x 120V 20A Duplex and 12V DC 8.0A
    • •   48 lbs. Dry Weight
    • •   50 State Compliant

    See ECHO Bear Cat Inverter Generator warranty details here.
    How much power do I need?
    Get your Wattage Demand Worksheet here
    48 lbs.
    Dimensions (LxWxH):
    20'' x 10'' x 19''
    Starter Type:
    AC Max Continuous Output:
    Parallel Capable:
    Low Oil Shutdown:
    Run Times (Operating hours at 50% load):
    6 Hours
    dB Levels (at 23 ft.):
    AC Max Output:
    Can I vent the exhaust out of an enclosed area?

    No. Never run the generator in the home or an enclosed area. Portable generators are designed to run outside where there is plenty of ventilation.

    Can the generator be used during inclement weather?

    Generators can be used during a wide variety of weather temperatures, but should be protected from the elements when not in use to prevent shorting and rusting. NEVER run a generator indoors.

    Can the inverters or generators be linked parallel?

    Yes. The 2000 and 3500 watt inverters can be linked parallel via the provided ECHO Bear Cat connection cable. Parallel capability is an additional benefit of inverter technology. Using the special cable or kit, you can link two IG2000 inverters, or two IG3500 inverters together to get as much as double the output. This gives you extra power when you need it, without having to trade up for a larger, heavier generator. You get more power without sacrificing portability.

    Does the portable generator need to be grounded?

    No as it is neutrally bonded to the frame (floating neutral). For additional safety, the generator can also be grounded. We strongly recommend that you check and adhere to all applicable federal, state and local regulations relating to grounding.

    Should the fuel be drained when storing the portable generator for more than 30 days?

    Yes. It is highly recommended that you drain the fuel from the tank and run the carburetor dry. ECHO Bear Cat engines meet EPA regulations which are less tolerant of stale fuel. The use of a fuel stabilizer is highly recommended.

    What is the difference between an Inverter and a Generator?

    A generator creates electrical power, while an inverter changes one type of electrical current to another. There are two different types of electrical current, alternating (AC) and direct (DC). Inverters are used when devices that use AC power need to be used in a car or other place where only DC power is available. The two machines have distinctly different functions, although there are inverter generators which do both for greater energy efficiency.

    What is the difference between rated watts and maximum (surge) watts?

    Rated watts describe the amount of power the portable generator can produce continuously. Maximum wattage is the power that the generator can produce for short periods of time. Motor starting is a good example of maximum wattage requirements.

    California Consumers: What is California Proposition 65?

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